Thursday, April 09, 2015


Linda wanted to take a ride on the golf cart with the dogs and look at the scenery on the golf course.
We waited until no one was golfing, around 5:30 and we ran into no problems except to get kinda lost.

We stopped now and again to look at lovely flora and unique things in nature that may make a cool quilt.

We have this moss stuff all over the place.

This beautiful tree doesn't look like it would

have any part of
it that was odd (have no idea what type of tree it is) but this is the root system of it.
It appears that the roots  start under ground and then just pop back up.  They look like little gnomes.

There are tons of gorgeous trees on the course.  It's as though they were planned out.  Kinda magical.

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Mechelle said...

cypress tree with cypress knees!