Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I COULD Have Danced All Night!

First, the shoes. These were the pair I went to purchase.

G went with me and so we came back with two pair for him and two pair for me.  We need serious help.   I love the shoes, kinda Kardashian shoes for the senior set; they are Naturalizers.  Perfect.

We went to the country club shindig.  G knew tons of guys; I knew one girl.  We had a great time
chatting during the cocktail party.  Then we noticed that the tables were not assigned and groups of couples were picking tables of eight to sit with.  I think I was the only 'newbie'.  I hate that awkward feeling and I am not horribly outgoing if I haven't met before.  I just thought I want out of here and so, like the chicken shit that I am, G graciously snuck out of the ballroom with me and we scampered away to our car, happy as clams.  Next year it will be different; I think.  I need to grow a pair.


SpikeMuffin said...

You're right. Next year will be different.

Robbie said...

I still remember the first quilt guild meeting I went to alone..knowing no one..ugh...AND they played a stupid game where you had to get up and ask people questions! I just walked around pretending as if I were asking or talking to people! Now I've done trunk shows and taught at that guild! Yep, next year will be different....