Monday, April 06, 2015


I am very late today with the blog post. I had a busy morning and had to get stuff done before three BFF's came over to get a long arm lesson.

They took to it very well and they didn't need much from me.  Linda has had a couple lessons and so she kinda showed Daynell and Diane the ropes.  I was there for anything that Linda forgot.  We are doing it again on Thursday.  I want the long arm to be used while I am up north.  Everyone is happy to make charity quilts and what faster way can they be made other than on a long arm.

I need to practice every day on what I learned at my first golf lesson but the course is closed on Mondays.  I think I can just take a club out and practice swinging in the back yard where no one can see me.  I really really stink at it.

Bella had her bath for Easter and she is looking mighty fine.  This is the picture of her staring at me because it is treat time and she knows how to tell time way better than I.

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