Friday, April 17, 2015

Spitting Image

I dreamt last night of the knucklehead lady in Germany who is my age having quads. I kept trying to locate the guy who impregnated her and more importantly who can afford to house, feed and raise the 13 other children and add four more to the mix. He was very evasive and I never got a look at him; just a drop of shirt going around a corner. I need a better class of dreams.

 I completely forgot to revisit this comparison.  Here we have very dirty, sweaty dog, just back from exercise and

here we have my daughter's annual lamb cake, she made for herself for Easter.
I don't  know about you, but I see a striking resemblance to each other.  If I sprinkle a few brightly painted hard boiled eggs around Bella, it will be hard to tell one from another.

At Kelly's Chic A Boom in Dunedin, where we had lunch a couple days ago, they have a large outside bar and table area with this adorable bike all decorated and supplied by a  Earthscapes Garden Room and they are called Bloomin' Bikes.  I wanna steal the idea.


SpikeMuffin said...

Bella needs a day at the spa!

Claudia said...

Yikes, I've never seen my four legged niece so dirty. She is a dirty girl!

Maggie (daughter) said...

Who knew Bella was my muse?