Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sprucing Up The Joint

We have endured a week of cleaning and fixing up the exterior of the house and grounds and it isn't even half done. First off was the power washing of our roof tiles. That was all well and good but it lead to filthy windows, which then needed to be cleaned.

Then came the clearing out of the lanai's for power washing the pavers and the sealing (three or four times) of the pavers.  The driveway will be power washed and sealed (again!) when we head back up north.

Everything went out on the grass.  We look like the Beverly Hillbillies because it isn't done and it's all still there. A couch, eight chairs, three tables, a grill and all the worker guys stuff.  Lovely.
This is the outside of the lanai with two coats of sealer on.  It still gets one or two more.

All the pots came into the kitchen to wait out the work.

G's lanai off the man cave has no furniture in it and it is confusing the hell out of Bella.  The only thing that remains during the work is the wall art.

It's a frame housing lots and lots of dried wood twigs.  I gave it a new coating of teak sealer and then some shellac to brighten it up.  It's pretty much the only thing that can hold up to the Florida weather outside.

Next up?  The yard.  It is very overgrown and we need to pull out half of the vegetation.  That happens this week.

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Robbie said...

Well, at least you are keeping busy! HA!