Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Musing

I had to run out early this morning and just got home to find that my flower delivery came before I was home so they have to come back because it's probably too hot to leave them. Oh well. '

Isn't this an adorable picture of Bella at the front door?  She was wondering why I was outside without her.  Did I ever mention that the front door was switched with one so that Bella could look out?  Yes, we are nuts.

I have lots of magazines left over from the weekend and because I was going to get my prolia injection I decided to take them with me so that there could be something that was more current than 2011 reading material.  I got brownie points for that.

I didn't go to the Blackhawk game last night but it probably didn't matter because G came home from it with a cold already.  They won tho' so I may have another chance to see them play before the season ends.

G bought me a Blackhawk hat, and he said he did because it reminded him of a quilt !!!!  It is suede and the brim is very very hard; one of those hats the young folk wear these days.  I don't know…..


SpikeMuffin said...

Good move Gordon!

Robbie said...

What we don't do for our dogs! We haven't had our screen in the front door since we got Kalee 3 years ago! She loves to look out the glass and if we have the air on (&screen in) the wood door would be closed....and poor baby couldn't see out! So, it's the glass storm door on all year long! But what would we do without our babes!