Saturday, May 02, 2015

And They're Off!

Hey! It's Kentucky Derby Day and I have to prepare a hat and decide what to wear to a party that will somewhat match my fake flowers I will be adding to my second hand store hat. I am making Portillo Chopped Salad and Rueben balls to bring to the party.

It's off to the grocery store but first I have to show you how brilliantly my orchids that I put in orchid crates and hung in the trees in the front of the house, are doing.


I have not done one thing since I transplanted them.

They do not need any extra water other than what comes off the tree when it rains.

I can take no credit but I am enjoying them greatly.

The new princess was born in England today; they may name her Charlotte.  Today is my grand baby Charlottes golden birthday.  She is now officially in the terrible twos!

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