Friday, May 08, 2015

Birthday Bonanza

This is definitely gonna make you hungry. This was the food served at Beach Bistro for my 65th birthday.  I should have posted it before because now I have forgotten some of the descriptions of the food (there were six of us) but I will muddle through anyway.

We ordered and then found out that we got a pretty healthy sized amuse bouche.  There were two different platings, one for those who ordered soup with the meal and the other with a touch

of soup.  The was a crispy hunk of bread with a jam (maybe onion), a pesto and I believe roasted red pepper.

This was a salad with a creamy center (forgot what it was!) in radicchio and pram.

My soup was roasted tomato.
G's salad was very fruity and delicious.

Another app was shrimp and mussels.
This was G's entree.  It was lamb and lobster and truffles.
This beautiful fish was either snapper or grouper.  I forget.

My entree was duck, with bread pudding and a wonderful sauce.  I got roasted fingerlings on the side.
This massive steak went home.  We clearly ordered too much.
Last entree was coquilles St. Jacques.

We all passed on dessert but I was served one anyway.  Yummy.

And I was gifted a rose.  How cool is that?

Oh, and I have already used my medicare card!  I got to use it for blood work I had.  It's sometimes cool to get old.


Robbie said...

Well, you spring chicken! I've been using my medicare card for a few years now! Food looks delicious but to be honest the soup and dessert are my favorite! Sitting here with a glass of wine, waiting for hubby to finish golf, then dinner! Life is tough....

Robbie said...

Oh, it's not the wine talking...BUT my friend here in Michigan hasn't received her fiber card yet either! GRRRRRRRR If you don't get it, I'll send you link to my blog so you can see what it WOULD have looked like! It's been over 2 weeks...going on 3 this Monday!

Gayle from MI said...

Happy Birthday! Still waiting to start collecting my social security check. HA!