Thursday, May 21, 2015

Home Sweet Home

I am back home to blustery 42º wind and rain and grey. What am I doing here? I left sun and fun only to come back to a house that has gone through many changes (for the better) that I neglected to address in the short time I was here last winter for the holidays. But of course it is unsettling to be gone for five months and expect to just pick up where I left off.


I gotta say tho' that it is certainly green here. And not a sprinkler on yet.  They haven't even been turned on for the season.

This is the view from my computer desk (which is new since I left, and therefore empty).  It took me a good hour to set up computer, monitor and printer but the access from this smaller desk is way more appealing.

I could never access the cords because the desk before had less than two inches clearance on either side wall so pulling it out was a non issue.  I got a smaller (Room and Board) version of the same desk which was initiated by the fact that the pull down desk door was broken off during the renovation.  It is way better.  I have a lot of things to address but I am just gonna take it easy.  There's always tomorrow!

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Robbie said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound....this is the most 'green' we have seen in 11 years of being snow birds and coming home! I don't mind the 40-60 degree weather myself...I lik windows open and a cooler house with fresh air rather than 'fake' air...:)