Monday, May 04, 2015


I have been working with a handyman trying to put together some plausible way of putting sliding doors on my wall of fabric that contains a design wall made out of insulation boards.

The hand dyed wall of shower curtain just isn't cutting it for me any more.  So, after

viewing my neighbor Kathy's beautiful cabinets we went to the store where she bought them.

What a shock it was to find out that they came from IKEA!  They looked custom to me.  So G and I went to the IKEA yesterday and found a sliding unit that will be just perfect for my 164" wall.
They will not be the design wall but the design wall that is currently in the office part of the studio can at least be propped up on these sliding doors.

These units are two forty inch sides so I will get two making it 160".  I will have six drawers on each bottom, so the count will be 24 drawers and four shelves on top of each.  They will be delivered tomorrow but I will have to run back to get eight drawers that they were short for my order.

Then it was downstairs to the $.50 hotdog but what really caught my eye was this wall of

candy.  I was over the moon and wanted to grab a bag and fill it up.

That is, until I noticed the tightness of my waist band.  I salivated some more

before the little ones moved in and I was kicked out of line.  That was probably a good thing!

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