Friday, May 22, 2015

It's All About Bella

I just made an appointment for the summer grooming sessions for Bella and found out that she needs to have the dog flu immunization before she can come for a 'do'. I guess it's pretty rampant in the Chicago area although I have not heard of anyone's dog that has had it. Oh well, she will get yet another shot next Tuesday and then a followup booster in three weeks.

We were happily surprised to receive our own  famous label chardonnay from Frank and Nancy from California.
Apparently the picture was taken when they visited Florida this winter because I can

see her quilt that she rests on when watching tv with me.

Always a lady, she has not let this newest stardom to go to her head, at all.  That's my gal!!!

We are getting ready for a house full this weekend.  There is gonna be very little prep on my part.  I am still getting my head around where everything is, so the meals will not be elaborate or possibly even at home!   Everyone is fine with that!

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linda sperling said...

Actually, it is all about YOU...then Bella !!
Great photos.