Saturday, May 30, 2015


I used to can all the time. I would grow my tomatoes and can them whole and make marinara. We would go to the apple orchard and pick a bushel of apples and I would come home and make and can applesauce. It makes me tired just remembering it. I also did pickles, peaches and corn. That went on until the kids were off to college and there was no one to eat the stuff. After that, Prego tasted dam good because all you had to do was put it in your grocery cart.

That all went away when I volunteered to make jam for my dear friend Anne's daughters upcoming nuptials.  The idea came when daughter Jackie was planning her wedding to Armando  and realized that their combined initials would be JAM.  No brainer, right?  I had my very efficient sis find me
168 ball jars that I could have delivered within a week.  My daughter found me a recipe on line.  G stopped at Sam's Club on the way home.

With jars, 25 lbs of sugar,

and a beautiful mix of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries

I was on my way to success.  I needed tons of pectin too.

The first 32 jars were very sad.  It was late Wednesday night when I finally took them out of the water bath and looking at the jam made me almost cry.  It was soupy.  I decided then and there to stop production and rethink the recipe and continue on the next day.  Waking up in the morning was very happy.  The hot bath made them liquidy (made up word) only until they cooled and set.  They were perfect.

I was very joyous.  I proceeded for the next two days acting similar to a witch at her cauldron, making the jelly and then cleaning out that the dirty pot  to use the same pot for the water bath to seal the jars, and this I did over and over.  Need I say that it has been in the 80's here, unprecedented heat for May.  Anyway, in the end, I can truthfully say

I enjoyed it and they are all done and boxed so that the bride can come and get them and put on JAM labels.  I think I will be seeing one of these little jars in the near future.  Yeah, in July, for sure!!!!


Irene said...

You are a great friend!

Robbie said... are one in a million!!

Mechelle said...

Yes, you are a fantastic friend!! But oh how cute and original that wedding idea is!