Thursday, May 07, 2015

My Daily Life

I think I may have put too much stuff into my last two weeks of my Florida stay. I am starting to get confused. Ha Ha! Like that's anything new!
I go to my Cause A Stir Kitchen Club in a little over an hour.  It's Karens turn so it should be good.  I will take my camera.

I just contacted Traceys Tables in Wisconsin because the wheels on my ironing cart/cutting cart are falling apart.  They are


 slowly disintegrating every time I move the thing.  It must be a Florida thing because they have done all my studios and the movable parts in the studios for over ten years and I have never had a wheel problem until now and I have the same cart up north.  I have requested new wheels pronto so my handy  man that is coming next week can put them on.

I went to the nursery yesterday to get some replacements for less than thriving plants in my pots and in the lanai.  G thinks I should wait until we come back but I don't want the place to look untended for the neighbors.  After all, it supposedly rains every day in the summer and plus I have friends who are gonna water and a service that does everything so that's considerably more than I do myself!!!

Check out these amazing placemats that I got from Pier 1.

They are all beads and go great with my kitchen chairs.  I just hope that don't fall apart and will hold up to warm plates and wear and tear.

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