Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Animal Kingdom

I just got back from the outlet mall where I met up with Jodi, the girl in charge of the Days For Girls charity and got tons of things to work on while I enjoy the summer up north. Kathy and Linda are working on feeling comfortable with the long arm and continued working as I

eft to get supplies.  They are doing real well.

A few days ago we took a golf cart ride to check out the golf course.  Kathy was looking for some adornment for her infinity pool and I had told her that I saw a cute turtle on the course so we went

to see it.  We were staring in someone's lanai that looked like they had left for the season but no, they were there and came out and asked if she could help us.  We explained that we weren't peepers but wanted to see the turtle.  It was all okay.

On our way home we ran into some Bambi's.  They are not scared in the least bit.

My last picture of the day was this beautiful heron, gazing at the water lilies.

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Robbie said...

Love the wild life...we had a deer in our gated community last year running up and down the one believed me, of course, until others said they saw it too! Your deer look in great shape...but it's Florida...everyone looks great!