Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Big Game

I guess the Blackhawk game I will be attending tonight is do or die status. I almost don't think I should attend. I have a horrible sore throat which is a good indication of a cold coming on and don't want my son to get it and pass it on to my grand girls. I am torn. I have the KANE jersey (my maiden name) and have a itching to don it. I just took a pregnant pause and have decided to let someone else take my ticket. It would be selfish to go. But then, I am selfish. Maybe another pause is in order.

I ran my serger into the ground yesterday. It has totally frozen up. I got out the manual and realized that I should be oiling it. All the new stuff (sewing machine things) do not need oiling any more but apparently the serger is not one of them. Sorry Huskylock. You are totally locked up. I oiled the shit out of it and today will decide know if it is useable.

 I have tons of photos to share when I took my hiatus and will start out with the apps I made for my going away party I threw for myself.


These are little espresso cups with tomato basil bisque (store bought - Publix makes it better than I do) with a little grilled cheese precariously perched on the rim.
This is my bruschetta.  It is made up of diced and drained tomatoes, pesto, red onion and topped of with a generous sprinkling of pecorino.

This dainty app is  lightly boiled pantagonia scallops that were marinated with garlic and french dressing (from a bottle of Ken's light dressing).  The green is a smidgin of flat leaf parsley.

These are my infamous baby BLT's, with a drop of alfalfa sprouts on the top for color.

Then we have the mini cheeseburgers, between a quarter and a half dollar (do they even have those any more?) in size.  The buns are made with Rhodes frozen bread made into balls and baked in mini muffin tins.  The rest is the normal cheeseburger fix ins.
To go along with the mini theme I made mini pizzas, using Publix pizza dough and making it very thin in a pasta machine, then cutting it out with a three inch cookie cutter and elongating it and topping it with a mix of tomato slivers, mozz, olive oil, s & p, and adding a black olive slice for good measure.

Last was a cheese dip (cover of this month's Rachel Ray Everyday magazine).  It was a very big hit.  I have since made it again, following the recipe more closely and having a better result.  The key, which I now know is to serve it in a fondue pot or a mini crock pot to keep it warm so it doesn't congeal.

Now it's time to check out the serger.  Oh, and decide whether I want to make everyone sick or be a good girl and STAY AT HOME TONIGHT!


Robbie said...

Can't wait to see if you infected all of the crowd or just your kin!!!
p.s. Did you get my fiber card? I mailed yours and my friend here in Michigan on the same day (4/20/2015!) she just received hers yesterday!!! Did I tell you my friend who lives a street over from me in Florida didn't receive her card for 10 days! 10 days! I think the Ocala post office hires only senior citizens, hence, the slow mail service! I'm so frustrated...thinking of writing a letter to the main office! Grrrrr Thanks for letting me rant!
Now "go do the right thing"!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

When I give serger lessons I tell people to oil after every few hours of sewing or after a large project. You're right, we do get so spoiled with our sewing machines that we forget that a serger is different. Hopefully, your tech can get things moving again.

Arleen said...

Throwing a going away party for yourself are so funny! And the food you prepared looks so yummy.