Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wall Art

We bought new art at an outdoor show this winter and had it sent back home. I finally hung it with the idea of my company critiquing them.


For some reason the color was an issue for me because the room is eggplant and terra cotta, which is odd because I have never bought art for it's color before.  It ended up a non issue because everyone likes the trio and Bill thinks it has a calming effect.

This side photo shows that the twigs are elevated in two of the three so that it was a challenge to pack and send.  I had it done professionally and it traveled perfectly.

The girls all got facials yesterday.  It was a blast.

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Robbie said...

These ARE wonderful!!!! So cool!!!! Love them!!!
p.s. hubby said I can't go away this August! He watched Kalee while I 'watched' grandkids for four days...he actually had to walk her twice a day, which he never has (Kalee will be 4 in July!). I said it was good for him! HA...HA...I can't stop laughing!