Tuesday, May 05, 2015

What A Day I Had Today!

I was gone all day.

I had a morning meeting on social activities for the rest of the year for Welcome Club.  Then I had a luncheon.

I came back this afternoon to a itty bitty delivery from IKEA.  I enlisted a neighbor to help me figure out why and we put our heads together and realized that the checkout person only looked at the first page of our order and sent only that.  Now I have another long day tomorrow getting up and heading to the IKEA store which is an hour away to get the rest of the order and get it delivered (for another $129) by next Tuesday because that is the day that I got the handyman to come and put the stuff all together.  Yikes!  Does anything go smoothly?

I wanted to postpone my bloodwork I have planned for tomorrow afternoon for a little later but of course everything is automated and I couldn't, for the life of me, manage to talk to a human.  It's one of those days.

Gordon is in his Jeep heading home to get his stuff for the start of the walleye season in Minnesota this weekend.  Last I talked to him he only went over 80mph once.  That is a miracle for him.  He tends to speed and weave.  I gave him the sermon as I would to a offspring on the virtues of staying alive long enough to catch a fish.

I need a drink and IT IS five somewhere - here!

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Robbie said...

Well, we made it home safe and sound...now to do all my spring cleaning! Something about coming home from Florida makes me want to clean! I must be nuts! Only did master bath today...all but blinds...need a sunny day for that! And we live in Michigan...you know! Sun isn't always out..rained all day today..but I did have my wine tonight! Margarita tomorrow!