Friday, June 19, 2015

A New Porch Look

Our internet is pathetic. We have all sorts or routers and boosters and everything possible to not have the internet go out but until five minutes ago, our service has been out since last night. We have had about ten days of this constant interruption. It makes my blood boil.

 Anyway, the kids are coming today for the weekend. G is playing golf in the member guest at the club with his brother Johnny. We are having five for dinner (ten counting the rest of us, G, me, Maggie, Evan and Johnny) and we are busying ourselves with a menu. So far it's caviar, brie and old fashions, grilled salad with avocado dressing, mac and cheese and pork chops.

Our new table and chairs are in place and ready to seat all ten of us tomorrow.  There's more room now in the room.


Claudia said...

Loving the new grill.

SpikeMuffin said...

Good work on the chairs Tommy! I knew you could do it.

Robbie said...

Sounds great...what time is dinner!