Saturday, June 20, 2015

Deer John

Maggie and Evan clearly got up way before I did this morning. Maggie, who is like her mother and never knows where her phone is, happened to have it on her when she went out on the deck to have pre 8 a.m. coffee. What happened to the daughter that got up at 11? Oh well.

These are the pictures she took of a very large deer that is pretty much solo ( that's an oddity around here) and likes the lake side life. I was walking Bella a couple days ago and we came upon this deer within a foot from it and it appeared massive; taller than I was and it was on all fours! The deer is a looker.  Not in anyway scared; just curious.  Anyway, here are the captions of the deer photos sent to me on our deck  by my loving daughter.


Deer on the beach.


Deer on the move.


 Deer going towards the house.


 Deer heading towards the street.

This guy is massive!

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Robbie said...

That is so cool! Two years ago we had a deer WALK down the street in our gated community! How he got in (without the remote!) is beyond me!! No one believed me...