Monday, June 29, 2015

Ella Bella

The internet started to fail us on Friday evening, followed by no service on Saturday or Sunday until late in the day. It is a good thing that my brother Bill is coming for a visit this week because he will probably tell us we need a new router and put it in for us.

 This is my grand niece Ella

on her first birthday.

And here she is 9 years later showing the big glob of thread she
managed to accumulate on the underside of the sewing machine throat plate.

This is her very first seam for a vest that she made.  She did lots of other stuff too.  I have to go
and try and find my camera to download more of her creations.

We just saw that Jeff Mauro from Food Network has joined with Mariano's to market a new line of barbecue (don't we have enough brands?) sauce called Pork and Mindy's.  Cute name.

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