Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Email - To Trust Or Not

I don't know what the actual title that G's first cousin's kid is to me, an Aunt to the mom by marriage, but that kid, Ella, who is ten, mentioned wanting to learn to sew at Christmas to Mike and I.  . Then came the back and forth of what weekends  would be good to get together at the lake when I return from Florida.

I came home from the festivities and in the March section  my calendar Ella Ella Ella over a week so it would remind me to set up the weekend at the lake. That came and went and after contacting Ella's mom, asking for available weekends, I picked one that would be good for me and Mike and relayed this to the mom.

This weekend is the Ella weekend. I sent a lengthy email to my 'niece' about her likes and dislikes over a week ago but didn't hear back. I figured her life was a frantic thing, with three girls just out of school for the summer and all under eleven.  I re emailed her yesterday  and a few hours later I got an email from a lady in Australia that wrote that I keep emailing her and that I just may want to give my Lara a ring.

I took Australia Lara up on it and called my  niece. She never got anything from me, email or otherwise about Ella's visit this weekend. We discussed the email address and hers had been the same since she was at U of M, fifteen years ago. Somehow, between the first email about dates for Ella to visit and learn to sew, and probably a week later, the email address in my address book was modified by one letter. How is that possible?

So, bottom line is that my niece had no clue that we planned the whole weekend, ladies lunch, manicures, all meals (taking into account that Ella had no food restrictions) and of course,
learning to sew, complete with a Learn to Sew pattern of a vest and skirt.

It just so happens that the ten year old was indeed free for the weekend and getting picked up by Mike at 9 a.m. on Friday and returning late on Sunday is just perfect for her schedule.  Ah, to be ten again.

This is a lesson I must take note of.  Email is not an end all for communication.  Some times we just need to pick up the phone.


Corky said...

I get errant emails weekly. I'm cledbetter at gmail and people send me stuff for every cledbetter in the world. Like your friend in Australia if it persists or seems important I will respond (like the job interview confirmation for one woman and the request to do uncle joe's eulogy for another) I will respond to let them know they have the wrong email. Otherwise I just delete. I even once got the GYN pap results for the same lady whose job interview I got mail about. So, I don't always depend that the email has gone through. Your planned weekend sounds fun.

Corky said...
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Gayle from MI said...

Have fun! Thanks for the pictures of what you are using. I need some ideas for August when Matte is here for a week.

Robbie said...

Gee, maybe we can learn to sew those patterns too! Have fun Auntie!
And just a 'grandma' tip...if you put your wine in a coffee mug the little ones don't know what you're drinking...just sayin!