Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Daddy Day

Happy Fathers Day! The kids and I will be preparing the most favorite meal of all for G at approximately 11:44 a.m. He was in a golf member guest for the last three days, playing more than 50 holes of golf and along with his brother, came in second place.

So a day of rest in in order for the old man.

I saw this salad on the tv last weekend on the show The Kitchen and it was Jeff Mauro's recipe. It looked very colorful and summer solstice feeling and it would go great with mac and cheese and an inch pork chop so here's the skinny on it


Poblano peppers, green onions, red cabbage and corn were prepped with oil and salt and pepper.

The strawberries were supposed to be grilled but we decided not to.  Maggie doesn't like grilled fruit.  Evan did the grill honors, breaking in the new Weber.


 It was a beautiful salad with a thick avocado dressing.

Our guests brought brie and caviar with egg whites, red onion, creme fraiche and toast points.  The
old fashions were passed out and

The table was set and waiting.

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