Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Keeping Busy

My piles of things for the group Days For Girls are getting bigger, waiting for some more items to


be added before they are sent off.  I saved the most labor
intensive for the last but then I was hoping to get a little help from
the quilters that are coming this weekend.  Ha!  I wouldn't take much
of their time, maybe an hour or two.  It would be good for everyone,

I also have another group of quilters coming in August and
plan on taking some of their time also.  This is probably a heads
up to all of them because the August group is an internet
gathering of friends
via my blog!


Irene said...

Looking forward to helping. Kind of stuck on projects right now. Don't want to bring a new project, and almost all the in progress ones are almost finished.

Gayle from MI said...

Looking forward to it as well. I want to do this with some of the people I quilt with here at home so I will need to get the facts! Jesus. I needed an hour to get past the verification screen!!!!

Robbie said...

So do I take the pictures of all you working?? HE HE HE