Monday, June 22, 2015

Post Fathers Day (Always A Memorable Day)

We had a lot of fun at this website that takes the year you were born, the sex and name of the person.

What you end up with is names back to the 1800's.  This is a horrible link as it goes to other places half the time but my guess is that because it was in the paper yesterday, the business of the site is over the moon and so I would suggest that you google the topic, if interested.  I have spent a good half hour on this and it has made me cranky.  I got stuff to do.

Maggie and Evan spent a delightful weekend here and the culmination of the time was a grand breakfast of american fries, bacon, eggs and toast (a favorite of the old man.  Then to top it off he was gifted tons of chocolate variations (another big favorite) and the traditional necktie.  Only nothing this duo does is traditional.


The tie was navy and perfect for the periodic bank meetings that G has to attend.  This unique tie tho' has very delicate chain links half way down the tie.  The links are attached at the top and move freely on the bottom.  I wish I had thought of it.  Ties with found objects!!!  Who knew?

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