Monday, June 01, 2015

Spore Fungi

The staying in the studio and working, except for voiding and sustenance didn't work as planned yesterday because all of a sudden I remembered the bag of morels in the refrigerator and quickly needed to make them into something else before they shriveled up and withered away. I ran to the store for shitakes and buttons and made mushroom soup; THE MOST EXPENSIVE MUSHROOM SOUP IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!

 The mushroom mix was very aromatic, combined with shallots and garlic.

The only other addition besides parsley and thyme was chicken stock and marsala wine, s and p.  It's now in the freezer awaiting the quilting weekend I have planned this weekend.  Now, what should be served with it?

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Robbie said...

Leave it to you....soup sounds great!!! But you are a wonderful hostess so we wouldn't expect less of you now would we!