Monday, June 08, 2015

The Last Call For Creating

I am preparing myself for the dermatologist appointment today. I just love to get practically naked under search lights for a doctor that is young enough to be my son. It's always such a pleasant experience.

I don't know how I ended up with two more quilts from Anne alone when everyone was working diligently.  I guess they were working on parts and not connecting them together yet.

Anne whipped up this quilt top for her grand daughter.  She calls her
Grandma Kitty so Anne thought it would be appropriate.  I think Anne
has two cats, but one I know for sure.

The cat fabric is very whimsy.  There will be a couple more borders
on this before it will be quilted.

This quilt top was already pieced at one of our get togethers but Anne finished the last
two borders.

Chai seemed sweet on three of my quilts that we piled up on a box almost ready to
be shipped out.  She was eyeing the pile of quilts and finally made the leap.  She
sure does like to curl up in the studio!

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