Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Second Day Of Work

There is a lot of productivity going around in the studio.

It appears to be a tad messy in the light of day.  We watched the defeat of the Blackhawks last night,  which seemed a bit odd for five old ladies to be doing.
This was a panel Peggy purchased at Rainbows End this winter that she quilted using a red thread crosshatch.  It turned out great and she has another one to do and has decided to do it the same way.
This quilt top (edges incomplete as yet) was started by Anne in Florida.  We all love the pattern and color combos.

Jean Ann is thinking about how to finish this baby girl quilt for her daughters friend's granddaughter who is already born.  I draw the line on making a quilt for someone I don't even know, but not Jean Ann!

Peggy is assembling these strips and trying not to have the same color next to each other.  It's got a lot of movement.

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Robbie said...

You do allow your guests productivity time!!! Very nice work