Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Social Media Stuff

The storm last night must have reeked havoc with my internet because it just went on, finally. It must also have had some influence on the Blackhawks too because they lost game three of the finals. And that game was at home. Yikes!

I have a golf lesson in an hour. It's always a hard nut to crack when your humiliating golf game is put out there in front of a pro. But then again, it's baby steps.

Peggy was sent this floor plan that we all just roared about.  Click on it so you can see that the top rooms on this floor plan are bedroom, kitchen, bath and the rest is a sewing room.  We all felt it was perfect!

Check out this darling mosiac pig that JeanAnn, Anne and Peggy gave me in honor of my 65th

It even has rosebud eyes and a button nose, which we would all like to have.

Another pic received by Peggy (or resident sewing social media freak) is the Chicago Blackhawk emblem made into a pizza.  It's cute but it didn't help the team last night!

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Robbie said...

I love the pig!!!!!! He or she is adorable!!!!!