Thursday, June 25, 2015

Trying To Get Golf

I decided to be an adult (yes, it's difficult at times) and go to my golf lesson with an open mind and decide to embrace the new grip I need to use on the golf club. I had a inspiring lesson. I also took the reins and told him that an hour of swinging the club every fifteen seconds is too much and now we try putting techniques for the last ten minutes. I figure I have until September to hold the clubs properly. If I can't do it by then, I will have to keep trying anyway.

We had a delightful get together with all my local friends last night. I have to confess that I got one of the few chairs and held court for a long while, surrounded by fine food fix ins. I can take another thing off my to do list for the summer. It is putting my Mod quilt that I made along with Anne and Linda on the long arm to be quilted. Even though I have my niece coming tomorrow

to learn to sew, she is only ten and therefore the attention span is not great and she can be easily sidetracked while my sister helps me with the programming of the contemporary pattern I want to use on the quilt top.

It's time to get ready for 9 hole. Is this the future of my life?

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