Saturday, June 06, 2015

Working It

The quilters are all in the throws of piecing quilts. We had a grand day yesterday, and plan on doing the same today. It appears to be a beautiful day so we may go out to lunch with the dogs. We shall see. A completed project has yet to surface but we have a couple partial works of art to show you.
Peggy piece this quilt top and because she didn't bring more white, she will have to put the inner border of white fabric and one more border of the left over prints of this jellyroll for the outside border.  That will need to be done at home.
Here we have six placemats that my sis brought to quilt.  She quilted in my technique for the first time and was a pro by the second placemat.  They are all quilted and are waiting for binding.

Anne just finished the bulk of a top but I haven't photographed yet so that will be on tomorrows blog.  I have been working on my charity stuff and talking so much that I haven't gotten a lot done.  I did make a fine pie for the girls.

It's a cast iron skillet pie using store bought pie crusts (2).  Later on today or tomorrow I will put it on Tommy Cooks.  It's called Norah's Apple Pie.


Here it is ready for the oven.
And this is after it was taken out of the oven and rested for two minutes.  Yum.

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Robbie said...

OK, I'll take the rest of the pie!!! Have you ever made apple pie in a brown paper bag in the oven?? One of the first pies my daughter ever made! YUM!