Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bella, Always Bella

I decided to stop sewing for a few hours and devote my time to the kitchen, preparing some food in the refrigerator that won't last much longer.  That would be some meats and seafood.  I was just gifted 6 pounds from my next door neighbor that she can't use before she moves out of the house TOMORROW!!!  I'm not happy about the move at all.  I've done it enough to other people tho' so I pretty much try to not comment about it daily.

Here is our little girl with her bandaged paw.  She is still not herself, having been at the vets office from seven a.m. until 4 p.m..  She is refusing to move and


frankly, I think she is faking it.  She went in for her teeth cleaning (they get put under with doggie gas) and she had to have two more teeth extracted.  That's six in all.  Very poor oral hygiene.  The doc says she has all the teeth necessary to eat but her tiny little teeth don't have the stamina to survive.  He said their is nothing to be done to prevent this as it is clearly hereditary.

She has syringes for pain and pills for infection that will be added to peanut butter.  She takes the meds easily.  That was not always the case.  When she was little she could force the tiniest piece of a pill out of the peanut butter and spit it out.  I had to be real inventive in order for her to take her meds.

She is on the mend.

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Robbie said...

Poor little Bella! Hope she gets on the mend quickly! I hate when our babies are sick...even if they are faking it! But then I'm a sap for the dogs! What can I tell you!