Monday, July 20, 2015

Bella's Down Time

Wow, we have had quite a 15 hour period. We went to a party last night and when we got home Bella did the ritual of being over excited and running around, that is, until she couldn't. There was not a step taken between now and then. She holds up her right front leg and doesn't move. We held her until bed time and I gave her half a children's benedryl and she was fine sleeping the night away.


We got up at six thirty and G carried her over to the neighbors lawn (old habits die hard! O and they have front grass; we don't) and set her down and she peed. I, in the meantime called the vet and explained the situation and got an appointment 45 minutes later. G drove separately so he could head to work without going home and the doc saw Bella and said that she was probably faking it. No, just kidding. But he said an X-ray was unnecessary because he said there was no fracture. We got pain meds for five days and were sent home.  Now what?  Carry her around with me?  Maybe she is faking it!!!  I always say that she is pretty damn smart.  Looking for a little down time with extra treats?  Don't know.  But I will baby her as long as it takes to get her up and running again.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

dr. Kay suspects it's dislocated somewhere.z

Robbie said...

It's so easy for them to twist their little legs when they do that buzz! I'm just waiting for Kalee to injury her back legs with all the running she and the new 'one' are doing! Makes me a nervous wreck!!! Hope Bella gets better quick!!!