Friday, July 17, 2015


The theme (there is always one) for the nine hole guest day was Running With The Bulls. Because I just played with fellow members of the club (being lazy and only wanting a handicap) I chose not to dress up. Almost every foursome but ours dressed up quite adorably.

 Genie and Sheila and Lori and Violete

 were no exception.  I love the mustaches!  Our club pro has on a bulls outfit and horns.  He even has superman chest padding and a tail, which I was unable to capture.  It was pretty hectic at photo time and all I wanted to do was to down the breakfast bloody mary!!!  Just kid din' (or not).

I had a great time and golfed better than I have in the past so I guess you would call that baby steps and like Regina said.  We can only improve because we can't get any worse!!!!

I have weekly flower delivery for four vases.  I put them outside in a basket and sometime on the specific day they are picked and brought back on another specific day, usually Thursday or Friday.  Sometimes they are just so so and not very appealing to me.  Other times like this week
I love them and keep going back to look at them.

This one I took the pic from the top so you could see all the components, including the white roses.

There's nothing like a flower to make you smile.

It makes for a happy me.

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Robbie said...

And we better keep 'mama' happy! Love the golfers and their outfits! How clever!