Wednesday, July 01, 2015


It's one of those mornings. I have been on the phone since I got up. I made several calls and received as many. I have a busy day as I have not had anyone doing laundry or cleaning for me in over a week. I am not happy about that. Unfortunately, my gal missed two steps when coming from upstairs and ultimately fractured her ankle. Bad timing but I feel for her. I have broken enough bones to know. I have a boot or two to share with her if she needs it.

The new porch table, which was not a good deal price wise to purchase,  is so porous that it can't be cleaned after one meal on it.  Can
you see the stains?  I was in a quandary because I already gave away the other table and chairs and I have a house full this weekend so what to do?  I called a glass company and after they talked me out of plexiglass (turns yellow and scratches easily) I ordered a glass top.

It was put on on Monday and I was left with the invoice to pay, which I gave to G when he got home.  He took the invoice to work yesterday and paid it and stuck it in the mail.  I got three calls, two messages and an email since Monday, saying that they are waiting for the payment.  This is freaky.  I emailed them back and said 'Are You Serious?  We got the invoice yesterday!!!!'  They called while I was talking to my daughter this morning and I just didn't pick it up.  Maybe I should call and ask if they could use a loan to carry them through the week!!!

On a brighter note, the weekend beverages are looking mighty good!!!!

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