Sunday, July 19, 2015

Die Cutting

I couldn't access the blog yesterday all day and this morning I arose early and tried to access it with no luck until now. It really didn't matter to me because I have been talking with my sister for the last two hours sitting at my desk trying to open the blog. Finally it worked.

I have as yet taken pictures of all that we have accomplished this weekend but I did document one of the things on my list to do before returning to Florida.  The charity quilts that I do down south are for babies and they don't need to be as large as the fabric itself so I have some remnants that I bring back up north to cut on my die cutter to make the bindings for the quilts.
These are the finished strips to make the bindings.  It takes four sewn together to bind a baby quilt.  I like to change up the colors when combining them so it makes the quilts more fun.

Here the fabric is on the tray after it has gone through the die cutter.

These are the remnants lying on the die cutter tray.  They will be cut into 2 1/2 inch strips after they are cranked through the machine.

Another thing can be crossed out on my list.  Yeah!

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