Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dog Days

A Bella update; She is pretty much a phony baloney. When G gets home from work she barks and runs with barely a limp. When the doorbell rings she runs to the front door but with me? I have her on a leach for a walk and she gets out of the front door and takes five steps, limping, of course and through body language, informs me that if I want her to go any further, I will need to put my coffee down and carry her. She is more theatrical than either of my actor children and the fact that she can't communicate with language is all for the better in her drama. I have no problem babying her; she is my baby!

The Humane Society quilt is off the long arm and bagged up to take to Florida with me in September.


It's one of the cutest quilts I have ever made.  I think I need to make another.  Paper pieced in three separate patterns, it takes a little thought to begin but once you get on a roll, the blocks are pretty doggone easy.

If you click on this picture you can see that the quilting stitches consist of dog bones.  Adorable.  It measures in at 63 x 76.

I am off to golf in the 9 hole league.  I am hoping to top last weeks score by shaving some digits off my final score.  Fingers crossed!!


maggie z. said...

DOGGONE nice... love this one too!

Robbie said...

It is an adorable quilt!!!!