Saturday, July 11, 2015

Feeding The Masses

I did some cooking yesterday and some baking
because I had some friends over for dinner.  We had a low country boil
I call frogmore stew because that was what it was called
in the Southern Living Cookbook I got it from some 30 years
ago.  I is always a favorite.  It is on Tommy Cooks and consists
of only shrimp, kielbasa, corn and new potatoes with
Old Bay Seasoning.  That and some cut up pretzel rolls and
you have a feast!

For dessert I made individual pineapple upside down cakes that I rewarmed under the broiler and topped with soft and fluffy whipping cream.  It was a definite hit, except for Sue, who isn't a fan of
pineapple so she got ice cream with hot fudge sauce and the whipped cream.  Everyone was happy.

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SpikeMuffin said...

Real plates for Frogmore?! We never got no stinkin' plates!