Friday, July 31, 2015

Giddy Up

I am pretty much giddy with my new source for 108" backing fabric that Mechelle hooked me up to via yesterdays blog. It is Marshall Dry Goods.  I am not kidding you, all you quilters that are as cheap as I am will feel the same way I do;   The 108" is $8.99.  Yes, $8.99!  I have taken a vow to not order any of it until my sis and fellow quilters come to the house this morning.  It was like an intervention to not order it on the spot when I opened the very slow website.  I am looking at my watch, waiting for their arrival to start the order.  This may call for a small addition to the house.  How do I broach this to G?
Any suggestions?  Maybe throw in something about more golf ball storage and then take it over?  I will put on my thinking cap.

I have one more game of 9 holes to gain a handicap.  It takes 10 games to acquire one.  I am still taking lessons and playing with my golf gals

Laurel and Regina,  and I am seeing baby steps but not so much in the score department.  I have to admit that my mindset is a little different now and I am just enjoying my friends, and being out for two hours in the morning in delectable weather.  Do I love golf?  Naw, but then again, baby steps.


Irene said...

careful with the wide backing. I got some and I thought it was the perfect width for my quilt. I washed it and it lost 9 inches in width!!!! I still had to piece the backing. !)*$@)$&(*

Gayle from MI said...

I got burned by Marshall dry goods on PDF fabric. Bought it previously with good results. Bought 250 yards to share with friends and when I got it, it was so thin I can read through it. Quality is not consistant. Good luck!