Friday, July 10, 2015

Lots Of Rectangles

If you can remember back at the February 5th blog, (I can't so I had to look it up)

 Anne, Linda and I made the same quilt with our color variations. Finally, last night, during 'Beat Bobby Flay' I finished the binding

It took me two weeks because I had so much more hand stuff to do and when it's hot, having a complete quilt on you makes the difference between hot flashes and just hot.  The weather was cooperative sos I finally got it done.  It took longer to get it on the design wall than it did to bind it!!!

I used a contemporary boxy quilt design and I am real happy with it. It is 80 x 91 and I have not named it because it was a pattern out of the Modern Quilt Magazine and it was already named but I forgot what it was.  The pattern is in Florida.  Oh well.

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Robbie said...

Cool quilt! OK, maybe it was a 'hot' quilt but it turned out cool!