Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Loving The Process

I usually spend a couple days with thumb and index finger on the brown side and having a definite basil odor when processing


the basil plants.  What I do is fill up a laundry basket with the hacked off basil stems, one at a time, and bring in it and two big bowls and plunk myself down in front of the Food Network and separate leaf from stem.  When I have one bowl (Mix and Fix Tuperware bowl that holds 26 cups) filled I go to the kitchen and get out my eight cup measuring cup and fill it with basil leaves and wash each one and then put it on a towel to dry.  Every now and then I go by and fluff it to get all the leave sides dry.  I measure it dry because after it is wet it shrinks up and then the basil is too strong because it takes a lot more leaves to make one bowl in the food processor.

This very adorable contraption was gifted to me by my dear friend Regina.



Here is the link.  It works way better than sticking the baggie in a glass.  The arms are strong and
adjustable to hold all sizes of bags and the best thing of all is that the arms fold down to store it in a drawer.  I have the very best friends.

I have 36 baggies in the freezer just waiting for some pesto to be eaten.

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