Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I was down to my last antibiotic and had a look at my leg damage and realized that it was still red, although not as screaming red as before. I called the doc and had to go in for her to have a look see. Yeah, it was still infected so she said she wanted to take off the scab and pulled out a disposable scalpel. Yikes! I, of course couldn't look but it was over in two seconds because it didn't even have to be cut off; it almost fell off. The crevice underneath was a little deep and creepy so she covered it up and gave me another script for a round of antibiotics.


I just love this little kitchen table arrangement! There is something about it that is very appealing. Unfortunately the queen anne's lace is starting to shed and that's probably not the best for a house of allergies. Maybe I should start eating the apples too.

I have a fun day planned. We are heading to the Hard Rock in the local casino for libation and gambling. Then it's off to the club for the pre guest day party . Guest day for nine holes is tomorrow. I got plans screwed up and ended up going with my regular partner Laurel. I think we are playing with Regina and Sheila. Let the good times roll!!!

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Robbie said...

Geez, lady!!! Can't believe your leg isn't healing yet! More meds??? "Ouch" is right!!!