Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Picture This!

Quilting once again made it to the Wall Street Journal. This mornings paper had an article on the theft of quilting patterns as seen on social media. Is a quilt stitching fair game if it is put out there with no copyright? The name of the article is 'Crafting World Cry - This Is Theft'. It was a very odd article if I read it correctly. You read it and you tell me.

G just booked my flight to Houston for the International Quitl Festival in October. That can be crossed off one of my lists!

I have started to think about the last thing on my current list of to do and that is scrap quilts. As I have mentioned before, I give each couple getting married that I get invited to the wedding a scrap quilt. I am getting pretty low on inventory so I will need to rectify that as I have more weddings that I have finished quilts. Oh! I have a wedding this Saturday! It's taken care of but I can't let my stash dwindle down to nothing.

Here are some random pictures that you need to see.


This is the very first harvested (fell off the vine) tomato in our crop.  It is flawless and that's without any
help with chemicals and left completely to mother nature and a sprinkler system!

As of last Friday, all of the lights in my house have been changed from the one on the left, regular bulbs, to LED light bulbs, the white light on the right.  They last a very very long time and are clean white light and don't give off any heat.  I am so loving them.

This is a picture of the beach.  For some unknown reason, the birds stood at the shoreline and the line of birds spanning at least two blocks long.  Why?


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Replacing all the spots and floods in the studio is on my to do list. Also those in the kitchen. Did this in Fl and it is so much better...well worth the cost which has come down considerably.

Robbie said...

Good you and Kay are being resourceful! We've done the majority of ours but still working on it! So where are all the other tomato pictures?