Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quilting Weekend

We (meaning me and sis Mike) got lots of work done last weekend. No lollygagging allowed; all meals in house and no shopping at fabric stores. We have too much already. It is now our mantra; no fabric shopping if you can possibly use something that you already have. My kids don't want yardage when I croak!!! They want the money that I will have saved from retail!!!

Anyway, (phew, that was tiring) sis brought a quilt top that was ready for the long arm and I had the Humane Society quilt already on the machine with backing and batting and basted down, just waiting for the time to do it. I will photograph my quilt after the binding is done and that will probably be tonight.

Mike's quilt was smaller and with less interruptions, she got her binding done.
We were just so so about the quilt top itself, that is until we saw the blue thread sewing out cabbage roses on the taupe back, and then it was love.

The backing looks velvety and perfect.  This is for a charity fund raiser at Mike's work.

She also got all the binding sewn on her six placemats.  One got completed and five went home to
be worked on in the evening while watching tv.  I love the placemats.  Maybe Christmas for moi?

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maggie z. said...

i absolutely love the brown / blue combo...even before i saw the underside! you gals do good work!