Monday, July 27, 2015

Rolling Along

I am still hammering away at my scrap quilts but they get very one note after a while so I have broken it up with a jelly roll quilt I need to make for another fund raiser. I chose a quilt top that my sister has already made and that I found the pattern in, of all places, my pattern drawer!!!!

This is the components of the jelly roll.  I thought it had a florida look to it.

I cut it out with the specifications noted on the pattern.  It is now lingering around ready for me to tackle it.  That will probably be later in the week.

We played a little golf and had dinner with our next door neighbors, that we love, and who will be moving to Arizona before the week's end.  We will be sorry to see them go but will keep in touch and will be spying on the new neighbors for them.  We know nothing about them other than that they are an LLC and are probably Notre Dame fans.  There is a color scheme that goes with the LLC which I think is blue and gold.  Or something like that.

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