Thursday, July 09, 2015

Tail's A Waggin'

I have finished piecing the dog quilt top and piecing the backing too.

It is made up of 20 dog blocks but because it is already on the long arm awaiting my sister's visit next week, you can only see the top two rows.  There are three more hiding.  I need my sis here because together we make a much better longarmer than either of us alone, but I must say that she is better with the brain power than I am.

I have also started the compilation of the parts to the Christmas pillows.  They always start out daunting due to the amount made, but soon into the project it levels out and I sit back and enjoy the process.  They should be done to the point of getting the pillow insert into them but I won't do that until November.  Having them completed and boxed this early makes them not look fresh after being in a box so long.

There's an article that was in the paper a couple days ago about unplugging treadmills and having them work by the power off the person, much like spinning bikes, that have power for the screen but the bike riding itself is completely manual.  I think it's a great idea.

I have nine hole golf this morning and it's not one of those sunshiny mornings.  It is wet and windy and grey.  It may or may not improve before the nine holes are completed.  It may just pour down rain and that would force me back home.  I am trying to build a handicap so I should be weather positive.  I need ten games to acquire a handicap. I think today will be my fifth or  sixth.


Gale said...

Copulation or compilation? Made me laugh.

sophie said...

It looks like autocorrect done you wrong ... but it is funny.

That dog block is adorable--can you share the source?

Robbie said...

Dirty girls! But actually I kept reading the sentence over and over thinking I must have missed some hidden meaning in your sentence!!!