Wednesday, July 08, 2015

What A Day!

We had the fraternity brothers and college roommates of G's here for a golf outing and a sleep over.

It was the perfect time for me to make tons of fattening dishes and I did just that.  
Midway through the morning chatting and I felt heat on my leg. I looked at it and sure enough, the tear I got from by crappy footboard of our new master bed was infected. It had been over a week since it happened and why would it wait that long to get infected? I didn't know where to go, a doc in a box or my own doctor?

I opted for my own doctor after calling the office and getting so many prompts that I figured I would just show up as it was time saving considering I couldn't get through on the phone.  I went there and after two hours had a script for antibiotics.  I have to watch infection with this damn fake hip.  An hour after that and I was home bound with my first pill in my body.

Dinner was great.  The weather was wild and the

sunset was perfection.


Mike said...

Looks like Miss Bella made a new friend. Wow...your leg looked fine this past weekend. What a difference a few days make.

Marybeth said...

"I have to watch infection with this damn fake hip." Wait, shouldn't that read "damn, I have to watch infection with this wonderful fake hip" It is scary that we have be so aware of our legs now with the artificial parts.

Claudia said...

Yikes, I think is was Saturday I said...OH NO it's not infected. I'm sending back this MD certificate I got on the internet!
You'll be on the mend soon.