Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why I Love Oversized Backing Fabric (It's Coming Out As A Novel)

The one thing I don't look forward to doing in the quilting world is dealing with the backing. Manipulating large yardage is cumbersome and exhausting.  But someone has to do it and I can't seem to interest
 any one to do it.

Here are three quilt tops before I put on borders yesterday.  They all are the same

measuring in at 89 x 97.  I try and match the borders with the backing.

Yesterday was not my favorite day of the week but all three quilt tops have borders and batting and are awaiting next week when I will quilt them.  The only thing I have yet to do is to get the batting ready, which is also a pain in the rear because I made the quilts bigger than the longest side of my batting which is 90 inches.  Therefore I will have to add more batting yardage on one side of the measurement to add up to at least 100 inches on one side.  Tomorrow, I will think about it tomorrow.


Robbie said...

Guess that's why I stick to art quilts! Haven't made a large quilt in years! You are a better person...but we've known that haven't we! :)

Mechelle said...

Love your scrap quilts - so much I started making my own with your same rectangles! I make them as leader-enders when I'm piecing other things so I always have a bunch of them ready to put together for a charity quilt (not as big as yours!). I also LOVE wide backing, who wants to piece a backing! I get it from for the best price.