Thursday, August 06, 2015


Rotary cutters are handles that hold a round razor blade. They roll over fabric and cut it in half the time and fifty times the accuracy of a pair of scissors. They are a hard thing to master to not be afraid of them but once you get it, the time you save is amazing. Having said that, the blades get dull and what do you do with the used up blade? It is still dangerous, even in the garbage.

I purchase them in groups of five and they come in these yellow plastic Olfa cases.  When I use all five of them, the case gets marked 'OLD' and the used up blades go there before they go to the land fill.  That is how I thought every one did it until -------

Peggy came with a new contraption.

It is made by Clover and has five blades also but they come in their own protective plastic case
that they can be returned to when dull so as to not injure house or home.  Brilliant.  Cost wise?  I have no clue who is paying for the separate enclosures, Clover or Peggy.  If I know Peggy, and I DO know Peggy, Clover is taking up the slack.

I am off to play another exciting 9 holes of golf.  I am enjoying the two hours of sun and sunscreen.


Linda said...

Hi Tommy,

I also store my old blades in the plastic container, sometimes I use them to cut paper or plastic sheeting.... whatever is not quilting fabric. But rather than the landfill or recycle bin I take them into either a local pharmacy or to my Dr office and ask them to put them into their "SHARPS" container. It is much safer way of disposal... when that container is emptied the handlers KNOW for certain everything in there is dangerous and is handled as such.


Robbie said...

Sorry to say my old blades are sitting in a land fill...except, I do the same as you, Tommy, and put them in a old yellow container marked "old"...then when filled, it goes in the trash! Guess it sits with my left used K cups! But I do recycle everything else I can! Does that count?

Gayle from MI said...

I use an old plastic container from gum. The top opens and the blades fit there. There is a smaller opening where I can stick the used needles and bent pins. I have had it for over two years and it's still not full. I like the idea of dumping them into a sharps container though.

Diane said...

Hi, Tommy,
I buy blades by the hundred and share with friends, so no handy yellow container in which to dispose of blades. I use a large prescription pill bottle for my sharps. Poke a hole in the top and you can just drop your used needles right in there with the blades, and pitch the whole thing when it's done. Takes a lot of blades to fill it up!