Saturday, August 29, 2015

Food Glorious Food

We had lots of fun eating last night. It started with a new menu item, langistino nachos.

The cream sauce, consisting of cheddar, jack and cream cheese was beyond delicious. The tortilla chips were dusted with sauce first, then red onion, diced very small, banana peppers, langistino's, and small diced tomatoes. On top of that came another layer of the cheese sauce.  JalapeƱo slices, without seeds or ribs, was sprinkled on the entire mound after it spent a few minutes in a hot oven.  I was in the throws of adding the pepper slices when the picture was taken.

G chose american fries for the starch for dinner but I sliced the potatoes a little to thin and they resembled potato chips.  There was a hearty gravy that came out of the

liquids after the marsala stuffed chicken was taken out of the dutch oven, and that worked just fine on top of the potato crisps.

The meal also had a veg, green beans with shallots and pistachios (no photo) and peach crumble and ice cream.  We went to bed stuffed.

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