Sunday, August 09, 2015

In A Bind

Bella and I went to the big box store to get some turkey breasts to cook for turkey tetrazzini and while Bella was in the car and I was struggling with my purse, bags of groceries and the key to the car, I opened the trunk and with key in hand, said 'hi' to Bella and tossed the key into the drivers seat. I proceeded to pack the trunk and when pushing the button to close the trunk, it wouldn't click shut. Then I realized that I couldn't open the car door because the key was on the inside and I was on the outside. All the windows were lowered because Bella was with me, even tho it was barely 70ยบ. Next to me was a guy and a young daughter who noticed my dilemma and asked if they could help. I explained my situation and his probably 10 year old daughter tried to get her skinny arms to open those little pop up lock/unlock buttons but she pushed down instead of lifting up and hard as they tried with those skinny little arms, it just didn't work. Then the guy went to his trunk and got out a pair of pliers. Voila! He opened the door. Yeah! I didn't have a phone with me (of course) and G was golfing and never takes his phone so what would I have done? By the time I made any headway by myself, Bella would be dehydrated. I need to start carrying my phone.

My day's accomplishment consisted to making binding for the three queen sized quilts and sewing them on the quilts and I did do that.

I opened up the blog today and realized I never sent yesterdays blog entry.  The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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